Ayushmann Khurrana as Pooja in Dream Girl 2 impresses viewers

The first image from Dream Girl 2 that Ayushmann Khurrana, aka Pooja, has been making fans wait for is now here! Ayushmann’s stunning appearance has fans in a frenzy.


You’ve been anticipating seeing Ayushmann Khurrana’s first appearance in Dream Girl 2, don’t you? Finally, the film’s creators have revealed Ayushmann’s debut appearance as Pooja. The creators and the performer have been tempting fans with inventive and fascinating films starring Pooja from Dream Girl 2 for many months. The first peek is now out, at long last! Everyone has been blown away by Ayushmann’s fresh appearance from his next film. Your confusion about Ayushmann’s change will last.

Pooja, played by Ayushmann Khurrana, is coming to charm you.

Ayushmann Khurrana, a well-known actor who is recognized for bringing films with unconventional issues, is back with a follow-up to Dream Girl. Ananya Panday plays the lead in this one. Ayushmann, who plays Pooja, has piqued viewers’ interest with his mannerisms and the several videos that have been released. Well, this story has two sides to it. Ayushmann portrays Karam in the movie in addition to Pooja. Karam is sexy while Pooja is lively, and both are ready to knock you out. Ayushmann’s new first image as Pooja has the actor donning a large wig with bangs. He is seen applying lipstick while also sporting a lehenga choli.

Although Karan is wearing his usual attire, it also appears that he is applying lip gloss.

Dream Girl 2 has fans giddy with anticipation, and many think Ayushmann is prettier than most girls.

Fans are going crazy in the comments section since Ayushmann revealed his new appearance from the movie. They adore how Ayushmann appears in the girl’s outfit. Some people think he appears more attractive than actual women. Many people are curious as to how he changed his behavior and demeanor to that of a girl. Ayushmann excels at playing unusual parts, and he appears to have astounded admirers once more. Currently, Dream Girl 2 is all over the entertainment headlines.


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