OMG 2: Pankaj Tripathi breaks silence on release, ‘controversial theme’ of the Akshay Kumar film; ‘truth will be out’

OMG 2 is one film that people are keen for. The first look of Akshay Kumar as Mahadev has been very convincing for the majority of the audience. The social film is also in the news because of some alleged issues with the CBFC. We know how Adipurush got immense flak from the general public for its cringey dialogues and shoddy story-telling. The CBFC was also called out for allowing the release of the Prabhas, Om Raut film. It seems CBFC has decided to do a review of OMG 2, and told makers to re-think on some aspects. Another story went viral that the movie is about a gay student who dies after being ostracized. Then, the God comes down to tell everyone that love knows no gender. This was rubbished by the makers.

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